Estonian Music Days &
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Music Days

Through the Forest of Songs
Tallinn / Tartu
Mon, May 6
Dream Machine

Estonian National Museum
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Free entrance

Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra
Conductor Hando Põldmäe

Yasuhiro Miyake (b. 1972, Japan)
“Propeller Plane” for wind ensemble (2016/2018)

Katherine Bergman (b. 1985, USA)
“Dream Machine” / “Unenäomasin” for wind ensemble (2016)

Ostap Manulyak (b. 1983, Ukraine)
“Oracle” for woodwind ensemble (2014)

Jukka-Pekka Lehto (b. 1958, Finland)
“Kunniavelka” / “Debt of Honour” (2004, Estonian premiere)

Ardo Ran Varres (b. 1974, Estonia)
New work (2019, premiere)

Tauno Aints (b. 1975, Estonia)
“Üks vana lugu” / “An Old Piece” for wind orchestra (2009)

Margo Kõlar (b. 1961, Estonia)
“Sind kiidan hõiskehuulil” / “With Singing Lips My Mouth Will Praise You” for wind orchestra (2018)

Rein Rannap (b. 1953)
“Mõõk mõõga vastu” / “The Battle” for wind orchestra (2011)

Olav Ehala (b. 1950, Estonia)
“Maa ja ilm” / “The Wide World Begins in a Small Land” (2011)

Malle Maltis (b. 1977)
New work for wind ensemble and electronics (2018, premiere)

Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra is a collective body of 34 professional musicians representing the Police and Border Guard Board. The Orchestra was established in 2010 by joining the former Police Orchestra and Estonian Border Guard Orchestra.  

The range of performances of the Orchestra is wide and the calendar of concerts is many-sided in style. It includes performances on events of the Police and Border Guard Board as well as on national events, concerts on music festivals and in concert halls.

Hando Põldmäe started his musician career as a trombone player in Eesti Raadio Big Band and Tallinn Brass. For years he played in the orchestra of Estonian National Opera. Põldmäe has conducted several symphony and brass orchestras. Since 2014, he has been the chief conductor of the Orchestra of Police and Border Guard. He has premiered numerous new musical pieces by Estonian composers. Põldmäe was the head of brass orchestras’ division at Estonian Youth Song Celebration in 2011 and conductor of united orchestras and head of brass orchestras’ division at Estonian Youth Song Celebration in 2017.