Estonian Music Days &
ISCM jointly present
Music Days

Through the Forest of Songs
Tallinn / Tartu

Call for works

Submissions closed

Selected works will be announced in December 2018.

ISCM WMD in Estonia aims to introduce contemporary music and the extremely diverse forms of its manifestation. The festival mainly focuses on choral music in its various expressions of genre and style. On the other hand, the festival concentrates on experiments between music and other artistic disciplines, including the intersections between music and architecture, theatre, audiovisual art, and literature. Therefore, we are inviting composers and sections to propose musical works dealing with the abovementioned themes while reflecting contemporary music in as rich and extensive spectrum as possible.

We would like to encourage young composers to apply, because of the ISCM Young Composer’s Award, supported by Music on Main, which in 2019 will award 5000€ to a composer aged 35 or younger whose work is performed at the festival. The 5000€ prize includes a commission for a new piece that will be performed during a future edition of the ISCM World Music Days.

1: Estonian NSO

(Max 3fl, 3ob, 3fg, 3cl, 4hn, 3trp, 3tbn, 1tb, 5 perc, 1hp, Strings: 14, 12, 10, 8, 6)
For further reference please see here

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Soloists are possible, if section covers the costs.

Category 2: String orchestra

2a: String orchestra

55432 (players, not stands)

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

2b: String orchestra with mixed choir

Category 3: Wind ensemble with conductor

3: Wind ensemble with conductor

2 fl, 1 ob, 3 cl, 1 fag, 2 alt-sax, 1 ten-sax, 1 bar-sax, 3 Corni, 4 trbe, 3 trni, 2 euf, 2 tb, 1 Cb, 4 perc, guit.

The event takes place in open air. Traditional brass band genres such as marches etc are welcome.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra

Category 4: Ensemble with conductor

4a: Large ensemble 6–8 players and mezzo soprano with conductor

with optional electronics
fl, cl, 2 perc, pf, vln, vla, vc and mezzo-sopr
up to 15'

Norrbotten NEO (Sweden)

4b: Ensemble works with audiovisuals

fl, cl, e-guitar, perc, vno, vla, vc, electronics
up to 20'

Tallinn New Music Ensemble

Category 5: Chamber music 1–6 players

5a: Ensemble with optional live electronics

Works will be staged in a theatrical context
Fl, Cl, Perc, Pf, Vno, Vc
up to 15'


By submitting to this category, the composers confirm to agree that their pieces will be performed in a theatrical context and setting.

All possible combinations of given instruments from solos to the full ensemble are welcome.

5b: Ensemble 1–5 players with electronics

Fl, Cl, Arpa, Pf, Vc
up to 15'

Defunensemble (Finland)

All possible combinations of given instruments from solos to the full ensemble are welcome.

5c: Ensemble of 4 players

ob, perc, vc, cb
up to 20'

Copeco All stars

All possible combinations of given instruments from solos to the full ensemble are welcome.

Category 6: Chamber music 1–5 players

6a: Ensemble of 4 players with vocal soloist

Concert will have literary addition (in the format of Poetry slam). Composers are encouraged to offer a poem or literary excerpt, which is to be read before or after the performance of the piece.
Fl, Kannel, Vc, alto
up to 10'

Ensemble Resonabilis

All possible combinations of given instruments from solos to the full ensemble are welcome.

Pieces originally conceived for other instruments that are similar to the Kannel (e.g. kantele, kokle, kankles, harp, guitar, koto, gayageum, qin etc) are welcome. If it is not possible to perform the part written for that on a kannel, then the composer who is proposing the piece is expected to rework the part so that it is playable on the kannel.

6b: Ensemble of 1–3 players

harp, kannel, harpsichord
up to 15'

Ensemble Una Corda

All possible combinations of given instruments from solos to the full ensemble are welcome.

Scores featuring instruments similar to the kannel would also be considered if the part is playable on a kannel or could be adapted by the composer, as per Category 6a above.

Category 7: String quartet

7: Ensemble Yxus

up to 10'

Ensemble Yxus

Category 8: 1–2 instruments

8a: 2 pianos + optional electronics

2 pianos (solo or duo) + optional electronics (prerecorded material)
Pieces up to 10'

Kadri-Ann Sumera / Talvi Hunt

8b: 2 Double bases

Pieces up to 5'

Jaanus Siniväli / Kristin Kuldkepp

8c: 2 percussionists

(non pitched percussion instruments only)
Pieces up to 5'

Vambola Krigul / Madis Metsamart

8d: 2 clarinetists

(available instruments 2 Cl in B, 1 Cl in basso and 1 Cl in Es)
Pieces up to 5'

Signe Sõmer / Helena Tuuling

8e: Koto and Estonian chromatic Kantele

(solo or duo)
Pieces up to 15'

Kristi Mühling / Naoko Kikuchi

Works originally scored for other instruments would also be considered if the composer is willing to adapt them so that they are playable as per Categories 6a and 6b above.

8f: Flute, soprano and electronics

Pieces up to 15'

Festival AFEKT soloists

Sirje Aleksandra Viise
(sopran, sound objects)

Monika Mattiesen Flutes
(piccolo, flute, alto, bass and sound objects)

Tammo Sumera

8g: organ solo

(with optional electronics)
Pieces up to 15'

Ulla Krigul

8h: Violin and electronics

(live electronics or Buchla)
Pieces up to 5'

George Kentros / Mattias Petersson

Category 9: Mixed choir

9b: with electronics

(electronics pre-recorded only)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Vox clamantis
4344 (2+2)

9c: with solo instrument

(Fl, Cl, Perc, Vno, Vc and C-b are possible) and optional electronics

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

9d: with 1 tenor soloist


Collegium Musicale

Category 10: Male choir

10a: a cappella

49 singers
up to 10'

Estonian National Male Choir

10b: with 1–4 string instruments

(2 Vno, Vla, Vc)
49 singers
up to 10'

Estonian National Male Choir

Category 11: Female choir

11a: a cappella

16, 12, 15, 9
up to 10'


11b: with early music instruments

16, 12, 15, 9
up to 10'

Ellerhein and
Hortus Musicus

1) discant and alto bombard (also recorders from soprano to bass)
2) recorders from sopranino to bass, dulcian, tenor bombard, rauschpfeiff
3) tenor and bass trombones
4) violin
5) g-violone (tuning from up c-g-d-a-e-b)
6) double bass
7) cembalo/organ
8) tenor voice, percussion*
9) baritone voice, percussion*
10) bass voice, percussion*

* renaissance drums, cymbals, tambourines etc.

Category 12: Electronic pieces & Installations

12a: Electroacoustic pieces for tape only

(prerecorded file)
up to 20'

12b: Electroacoustic pieces for live electronics

(up to 6 players. Max Msp, C-sound, DIY electronics)

Estonian Electronic Music Society´s Ensemble
live electronics (up to 6 players). Possible equipment: Max Msp, C-sound, DIY electronics, synthesizers (analog, digital, modular).

12c: Installations

Sound installations of smaller size, which will be placed in the context of the concert venues.

Category 13: Jazz ensemble

13: up to 6–7 players

chosen from: voice, saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, drums (additional instruments can be added). Different combinations are encouraged: 2 voices; 2 drums, etc.

The use of pre-recorded electronic sound is also welcome. Composers should submit stereo sound files along with their performance materials.

Priority given to works of 6' or less.

In collaboration with Estonian Jazz Union

Category 14: Free improvisation

14: composers-improvisers

up to ca 15'–20'

This category is open to composers-improvisers. It is possible to perform with the Improtest house band (1 keyboard player, 1 electric guitarist).

Taavi Kerikmäe (live electronics, keyboards)
Mart Soo (live electronics, guitar).

The composers are requested to send some demo material and technical rider.

Hosted by Improtest series

ISCM WMD is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture / Cultural Endowment of Estonia / Estonian Authors’ Society / City of Tallinn / City of Tartu / EAS - Enterprise of Estonia

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